Australia-wide Low-Cost, High Quality Printing for Theatre and Entertainment

No-Frills Website?

Yes, this is indeed a website without bells and whistles. No smoke screen or fancy-schmancy set-dressing – and definitely no  sound-track that whisks you away on an emotional roller-coaster…

This is a simple website for a simple business service dedicated to one simple objective;

To provide cost-effective and high quality printing services to the entertainment sector; be that theatre, music or any other performing arts practitioners, companies, bands, organisations etc. etc.

Quite obviously, money has not been spent on this website, and that way the only costs being passed onto you are the actual printing and delivery charges – and nothing else!

Yeh, right… and how do you make a dollar then?

An excellent question, thanks for asking…

Bryan, your arts sector printerJust like all of us in the independent arts sector, Bryan the company director, lives and works for his creative pursuits. Offering this service is Bryan’s way of paying his way in the world, allowing him to make stuff happen.

Deep in Bryan’s non-performing background, is a stint in the printing industry; and the knowledge he gained when working in that sector has become invaluable to him when creating and printing his own materials to support his shows and other arts projects. He’s saved a lot of money with this know-how and the contacts he’s developed.

Because Bryan does all the ‘grunt work’ of quoting and so on, his industry contacts pass back to him a small commission or kick-back on every job.

Bryan knows how hard it can be balancing that budget and the other challenges of getting a project out there, so let him help you make things just that teeny bit easier.